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About the SFPA

Welcome to the Society For Professional Athletes also known as The SFPA. The SFPA was incorporated as a fraternal non-profit for the benefit of current and retired professional athletes. The SFPA was founded to  offer education, discounted products and services and a social network linking pros from all fields of play. The SFPA is proud to sponsor and partner with organizations also leading the industry with regards to supporting, treating, educating and assisting athletes and their families. The SFPA is a private member based organization and members, their benefits and contact information are private and not for public distribution or resale.


The SFPA is proud to partner with League management, Players associations, Alumni Associations and Player Agents to offer and ensure players are best represented and service providers are vetted and endorsed


*If you are a service provider and you are interested in working with SFPA membership, please complete The SFPA Gold Seal Application for Board review. The SFPA reserves the right to decline applications for membership or for Gold Seal endorsement.